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How to fund with Bitcoin Easily
How to fund with Bitcoin Easily

Bitcoin is a safe and easy way to fund your BingoMania account when you're having trouble depositing using your Bank Account.

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$100 offer applicable to players in good standing and at management discretion.

Bitcoin offer

What if there was an alternative but easy, secure, and rewarding way to fund your BingoMania account?

Well, there is.

It's called Bitcoin.

It's easy 😀, secure 🔒, and rewarding. 💰

Let's start with Rewarding. You get more rewards when you deposit with Bitcoin.

How much more?

For starters, all newbies get an extra $100 Free Cash when they deposit using Bitcoin.

Can I use my credit card to buy Bitcoin?

Most credit card companies do not allow the purchase of Bitcoin using a major credit card. It is best if you use your chequing account to load your Wallet.

How do I use Bitcoin then?
You can easily load your account using your bank account. See below how to get started with Cash App (recommended) or .

How do you deposit using Cash App?

Step 1 - getting started with Cash App

  1. Open an account at Cash App

  2. Verify your account

  3. Add your bank account to Cash App | Instructions

  4. Add cash to your Cash App | Instructions

Step 2 - How to deposit Bitcoin to your BingoMania account

  1. In the first step open the Cash App and on the home page, tap on the bottom right Bitcoin icon.

2. Tap the “Paper Plane” icon and click “Send” to send bitcoin to the bingo site, (assuming that you already have a Bitcoin balance in your Cash App (or else you have to buy Bitcoin first).

3. Enter the amount of bitcoin that you want to send to your bingo account, & then tap on the send button.

4. On the next page, enter the BTC wallet address from your bingo account.

5. Login to your BINGO ACCOUNT (to get the Bitcoin address) and click the DEPOSIT tab in your homepage and it will take you directly to your cashier page and choose the Bitcoin option.

6. Put the amount you wish to deposit and tap GET ADDRESS to get bitcoin address

7. You can scan the code or copy the bitcoin address by tapping the FOLDER icon.

8. Switch over to your cash app & after entering your BTC wallet address, tap on the option you got below, to confirm it. (See the picture below for example)

9. After confirming tap on the Next button at the top right corner.

10. Next, Confirm your Cash PIN.

11. After that, select your withdrawal speed. You’ll get 3 options, Where Priority & Rush are paid but fast & Standard is free but slow. So select whatever is convenient for you & tap on the Next.

12. Now it’ll ask you to “Confirm withdrawal to external wallet”, so check the details of your order, If all looks good then tap on the “Confirm & Send” button at the bottom.

13. Then it’ll show that your withdrawal is initiated so tap on the Done button.

You're done! Congrats!

Give it a few minutes for your deposit to be transferred to your BingoMania account and for your bonuses to be credited as well.

Video tutorial

How do you deposit using Bitcoin?

Step 1 - Visit & create your free Bitcoin wallet

Step 2 - Verify your email

Step 3 - Also, verify your mobile number

CoinBase will then ask you to add and verify your mobile number.

Simply type in your mobile number and then enter your verification number from

Step 4 - Load your Coinbase account

  1. Login to your CoinBase account

  2. Click on Buy/Sell top right-hand corner (see below)

Step 5 - Add a payment method

  1. With CoinsBase, you can securely add a payment

  2. Use your preferred payment from credit card to debit card

  3. Purchase Bitcoin anywhere from $50+

This is how you load your CoinBase Wallet with funds using your preferred payment option easily and securely.

Part 2 - Load your BingoMania account now

Once you have loaded your CoinBase account using your preferred payment option, it's time to use your available funds to load your BingoMania account.

Here's how.

Step 1 - Visit the BingoMania cashier & select Bitcoin

Step 2 - Choose amount i.e. $50, then click Get Address

Enter your amount i.e. $50

Step 3 - Go back to Bitcoin

  1. Click "Send/Receive" top right-hand corner

  2. Then Copy the amount from the BingoMania cashier (see below) & paste in the amount section

  3. Then Copy the address from the BingoMania cashier (see below) & paste in the To

  4. Then simply click Continue

Copy and paste the following details from the BingoMania cashier account.

Please note: the address is unique and is generated each time you request to deposit using Bitcoin.

Copy the amount and address from BingoMania to CoinBase
  1. To complete click continue.

  2. Then click Send Now

Your BingoMania should be credited within 30 minutes or sooner.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact our support.

Part 3 - Your Reward 🎉💰

All new players get an extra <strike>$20 free cash</strike> $100 Free cash credited to their account after they have successfully deposited using Bitcoin.

To claim your extra <strike>$20 free cash</strike> $100 free cash:

  1. Make your initial deposit successfully using Bitcoin

  2. Allow up to 10 minutes for your free cash extra bonus to be credited to your account

  3. If you have any questions, please contact our support (via email [email protected] or via Help Desk)

Once you have your CoinBase account set up, you can easily load your CoinBase account.

Then visit the BingoMania cashier page, select Bitcoin, and follow the steps in part 2.

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