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New Features of Mobile Bingo
More ways to win than just claiming Bingo
More ways to win than just claiming Bingo

The new BingoMania Bingo rooms give you more ways to win

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Claiming Bingo is fun and quite the thrill.

Now, what if you could win more ways when playing bingo?

Well, now you can.

Introducing the new BingoMania Bingo rooms.

Not only are these bingo games mobile-friendly (meaning you can play on any of your favorite devices), but they've been designed to give you more ways to win.


Enjoy an added incentive to walk away with a huge jackpot. The jackpot prize can be won if you call BINGO before the number of calls indicated in the Jackpot section.

Hot Ball

Call BINGO on the bingo ball number in the Hot Ball section to win the game's Hot Ball Prize.

You can win single part games or the last part on the multi-part bingo games.

1 TG

So close โ€“ you will be rewarded. Long gone are the days when only the player who claimed Bingo would win.

Now, you can win extra prizes for 1TGs.

The Extra Prize amount in the 1TG box will be dived and distributed equally to all players who have 1 to Go to call Bingo on every game part played.

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